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Albino Iguana
 Albino Iguana
Iguana is a reptile susceptible animals, most of them depend on their environment for survival. After Albino Iguana as your pet care and are committed to ensuring that it remains under your captive.

A key factor for the survival of an Albino Iguana is the food. So the owner, you are entitled to eat the right foods.

Iguanas are scientifically classified as plants that herbivorous green leaves can not be the main diet. Although some people still recommend feeding iguanas with insects and other protein foods of animal origin.

You may have seen iguanas eating insects on TV and in magazines, but scientific studies show that just happened by chance. For example, insects when the plant. Iguanas crawled slowly to eat. So, while leaves and insects are consumed by the reptile.

The experts and veterinarians recommend more vegetables to be fed to your pet and animal protein less or insects. This in turn will lead to better physical health.

Albino Iguanas also need water, so be sure to give them that. Iguana usually stuck his head above water when you drink, so surely a tall glass filled with fresh water to have. Sometimes a little lick droplets of water on plants to quench their thirst.

Water must be available for your iguana and make sure they are fresh. Do not feed your iguana with remaining vegetables, because it can cause disturbances in the digestive system. He causes illness or death.

We strongly recommend that your iguana every day and eat regularly. The ideal time to take your iguana for food early in the morning is usually an hour after waking. Managed to eat during the day can also be done, but only in small quantities. Do not feed your iguana is a large amount of food before bed.Albino Iguana
Albino Iguana

Eat Your Albino Iguana in the morning to take the time to digest food before bed too. In addition, the temperature in the morning so that your right Iguana environment to digest food properly.

Total food delivered really depends on the size and the majority of your iguana. The most important rule is to make your iguana food, as long as you want. This technique allows to record the number of iguanas can eat more than one take.

Nutrition for your Albino Iguana plain glass bowls, ceramic or plastic and must be cleaned periodically. scale used must be strong enough to make you and your iguana should not easily reversed.

Albino Iguana
Albino Iguana

different foods is important for the iguanas to feel healthy and at home. Iguana known various kinds of fruits and flowers to eat in the wild, making it a good idea to feed them this way, while in jail you.

In addition to the right food your iguana should have good lighting and sunlight. Iguana normal calcium from the sun to digest food properly.
So if you want to stay healthy and maintain their Albino Iguana again with the right amount of food and the right kind of food.
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