Wednesday, January 19, 2011

cylindrophis ruffus, two-headed snake

reptilia mania snake - cylindrophis ruffus, two-headed snake

This snake has a scientific name Cylindrophis ruffus (Laurenti 1768). Or commonly known by locals as the snake's head in two, oray oray totog or binoculars (Sunda), majara (Toraja), or snake gelenggang. In English called by the name Red-tailed Pipe Snake Pipe Snake or Common.

Called Snake Head Two for a glimpse of the tail and head look similar. As a self-defense to avoid predators tail of this snake will rise up and head to the hidden body part. Types of snakes are not venomous.

- Body of the top (dorsal) is black, with mottled red-orange. Head and tail red colored orange with black spots.
- Bright colors often fade or disappear with age and body size of snakes, so that the snake appears dominant black.
- The down side of the body (ventral), black with brindle and white, take turns arranged like a chessboard.
- The down side reddish tail, causing it often mistaken for a snake chili (Maticora intestinal) are venomous (Wikipedia 2009).

reptilia mania snake - cylindrophis ruffus, two-headed snake
Snake Cylindrophis ruffus
Habitat: lowland forests of the humid, gardens and agricultural lands, marshy areas and rice fields, under rotten logs, beneath a pile of rotting litter, or on the riverbank.

In Indonesia, two snake heads can be found in the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, Borneo, Java, Sulawesi, Sula Islands, Sangihe Island, Buton, Boano and Bacan in Maluku.

Once again, this snake may be around us, identify them so we do not take the wrong action and to provide habitat for a decent life for these animals. OK ..

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